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Rokhan Dez

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PostSubject: Rokhan Dez Profile   Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:15 am

Rokhan Dez (Rok)

Gender: Male

Race: Descendent of vampyre predecessors, and higher level of demon.

Age: 8,000 mortal years

Religion: The Void in my life.

Human Form description: Shape changer by nature. Favorite form- Blue skinned half elf half human. Wing span of 7ft. Wings incorporeal. 180lbs. 6’ 3” tall. Eye color deep azure, pupils enshrouded with darkness. Hair color is dark brown with streaks of scarlet.

Lineage Form: 10ft. tall with thin elongated body. Wing span 201/2ft. Wings made of the eternal darkness of the Void. Skin is scaled and deep red in color. Claws on hands run 11in long. Three feet claws run 16in long. Head dragon like and full of 2in razor sharp teeth. Weight is unbearable for most realities. Eye color not important…no one looks me in the eye for all there is to see is one’s own end.

Void Form: Thick unpenitrable darkness, Roughly humanoid, Most poerfull form, Has the potential to obliterate whole areas of about one mile wide, Pressence is to great for this reality for the most part.

Weapon: Demon Fang(Long curved saber), Demon Tears(Throwing stars forged form the bones of demons and enchanted), New Hope(Blade passed on by my mother, let her soul rest there for all eternity)


In the year best set as 6000BC a vampress of the oldest blood gave birth to a boy of undefined characteristics. The woman had lived an unholy long life and was so tiered. She paid a visit to a demon that was indebted to her and she took the blood she was due. On her way she met a demon lord(Dez Ro Garmo). She had been around and she knew a tricky devil when she saw one, but for some reason she felt a deep connection with this lord of pain. The life he would never know for himself. Demons have no soul to speak of but they are aware and they have their own thoughts and feelings. They were both old as sand ant they shared a primal connection of the beast. Let no man say he knows the ways of demons, after their meeting Dez Ro felt the pull of love as she did. But alas he was a demon and was an expert at distributing burdens. He forced her and made her carry his Seed of Soul (the seed that would bring about his final death and end). He loved her in his way, that’s why he made her bear this seed that would end him. He knew that she would die in child birth no matter what seed he chose. At least he would meet her their afterlife soon enough.

As he knew she died in child birth. He used the better part of all his power to rise up out of hell for the conception of his son and his own death. During her last contraction in a split second here soul started to flee her mortal coil and he called to her and she answered him.
I have killed us both and feel no remorse
I know, it’s what I knew you would do…
Do you hate me?
Never my love, you may have forced my body but you know we are more than body. We are spirit.
Do you wish to spend your after life with me?
Yes that and more
It is done, we will reside souls in a blade I will create for our son!
Son..Yes we shall and we will serve him in death
I cannot come right away I must wait for him to kill me.
I will wait my love.

In the blink of an eye he was holding a sword that in comparison to him was but a mere toothpick. In it resided the soul of the infant’s mother. He would join her in time. He left the baby with a group of elves in the far north where they would foster the hate for him and all demons. He left the sword with the inscription of…(Here Lies a Hope that You Will Never Know) with his son. The sword has a bond with the boy that cannot be broken only completed.

Dez returned to his home in hell to rein in his land of fire until his son came to collect his debt.

Rockan Dez was named by the elves that saw him for what he was. The son of Dez Ro. So they named him accordingly Rochan Dez-Spawn of Dez. He took on their form of blue skin and elven appearance. It was never really him and he knew it and didn’t care. He had a place and family. Elves of that region lived long but not as long as Rok. They taught him of his father’s realm and what had happened to his mother. He learned to hate, love, Feel. They died by ones and twos at first then more and more. He learned slaughter, regret, death, Loss.

As a youth he never looked anyone in the eye. For if he did, the demon would link them, and the vampyre would drain the life from them. He was 50(Man hood among elves) and he had chosen a partner(I would say mate but sex would not be tolerated among the High Elven Concaval for fear of children, Rok accepted this and so did Anna Zε). They loved each other and would do so forever. On the day of their marriage they took each other in each others’ arms and kissed a kiss of true love. After the kiss in front of all the elves of the tribe she forced him to look at her. Maybe he was to taken up with the festival or maybe he was longing to look his love in the eye and see love there. When they met eyes they saw love and longing and many other emotions…after the initial take his blood took him away. The demon opened the link and the vampyritic nature took her life away. Her thoughts mixed with his and they bolth felt the deep sorrow of their shared loss.
I have killed no no..NO!
You have but I am yours and you mine
You have had your life taken by a feind of hell..ow ow no how could i?
You didn’t do anything we will regret IAm with you!
How when your self will fade and only my memory of you will remain?
Can you not store me for when you die as well?
I can but you will know every kill I make…can you handle it?
Yes Rok I can, I will wait for you
And I you

He sent her spirit to his sword. All elves there knew what had happened and they knew all of what it was. Anna wanted it to be With Rok forever. They too would do this for a partner if they could.

At the age of 350 the last of the elves of the region died. He felt empty and void. The last elves left him a map that explained a path to hell that didn’t involve death. 700 years of getting drunk and losing himself he took the trip to hell that he was destined for because he had nothing left to lose.

(Let none mistake the order of hell it is a construct of time and lack thereof. It is many tiers and many landscapes but is one. Many and yet one. The intrigues of demons are mirrored by politicians. One Lord Demon rules a tier, but pieces can be taken and others can be absorbed into another. The largest of the time was ruled by Dez Ro. )

He forged the ring from the entrails of goats and still born babes. He lit the three candles made of corpse wax and lit the center candle wrapped in his own flesh and covered in his blood and started to chant… no Sing the song of his life and true name. Hells barrier fell to the thought of new blood. He carried his sword with him as always and stepped into the rift to hell. He crossed the plains to hell and it made his stomach feel like it had been left behind and he disgorged its contents upon the plains of salty sands. For salt burn the bloody wounds of the dammed.

Once regained his wits he felt the rage of his life rise up and the rage of his demon half. He set out to find his father and would take any number of demons out with him. He crossed paths with the Lower Demon Lord Corvec. He used his rage to call upon his blood line on both sides and the demon recognized his blood and tried to run and Rok cut him down with ease of long nights of hunting blood and he bathed in it. Rok carved out one of the 3ft long fangs and cast spell after spell upon it. He used his demon talent to link it to him as his other blade. And let the demon reside there for a short time. That time made the spells permanent. The blade could absorb the life force from demons and it could cut through any material of hell. He saw his work was done and set out killing thousands of demons. None could stop the power of his blades for one was of their own and the other was made by Dez Ro. It was a time that the demons got the beatings that they used to deal out to the dammed. With each kill he gained more power and as his power gained the, lower demons pledged themselves to him and his work. For some the saw an end to a means to get rid of his father and others saw a chance to take power in a new order.

Within 100 years he had enough of a power base to assault his father. He took his army of demons to the edge of his father’s realm and bade them to wait for him to start the bloodshed. After he took his first step on to the lava cooled lands of his father all enemy demons in his eyesight bowed and pointed to the center of the realm where a spire stood on the horizon. It was as crimson as a scarlet gash upon a dame’s neck. It looked chiseled from the red beating heart of the world itself. There were so many etchings that glowed with power that the darkness of the realm retreated before it like a loyal hound waiting to obey. Seeing no eminent threat of the demons in service he took one demon enhanced step across the great expanse of land to stand before the immense spire. Large doors made of bones opened before him and out stepped his father. Rage rang out in him and he would have lashed out immediately except his father started to talk. When The Demon Lord speaks you listen.

You will kill me and set me free of my greatest sin.

What? I expected a fight. What trickery is this?

So Dez Ro told his son everything. (Demons were created to hurt and inflict pain and suffering. So the lie and kill and devour souls, only when the truth isn’t enough to hurt. But when it does they tell the truth.)

After his father was done he felt so much anger he plunged both blades in to his father’s chest which gave a satisfying thump and looked him in the eyes. His father relinquished his power to his son that could walk between the worlds and his essence crawled through him and left him sicker than he could ever be of a demon.

He had nothing left so he took up his father’s thrown and ruled the demons of hell. This lasted for 3000 years but as in most things he grew bored. In his time there he learned what it meant to truly feel alone in a crowd of people. He met the spirit of a fallen man by the name of Highway, in life he was a free spirited young man. He lived as a mage in the land of the elves. when he died he was denied heaven by choice and set out to kill demons in hell. Rok meat up with him while he was on the trail to kill his father. Highway would not have surveved if Rok had nor forced him to merge with a shadow demon of ShadowDen. After that he took the name ShadowBane. They were the only ones that they could talk to. Rok left the realm with ShadowBane easily enough and set his second(Terroa) in command.

He returned to the world of the living and has wandered for roughly 4000 years he seeks people he can look in the eye and immortal companionship.

I am a demon of hell and all demons of any importance know of every vampyre in the world (so we boast). My mind has been in turmoil for hundreds of years. I need it to be whole again, to be ME. The void tells me it is possible this group this Coven can help me. I dearly need their help.

During the night I am one with the shadows. I have moved with them for thousands of years I have traveled them and I do nothing I am nothing I am void…
Seek out Lestat of the Coven,
Yes it is me.
You have not spoken in... long years. This is torture.
I know
What will you do about it?
Tell you to seek the Coven.

The shadows take me to the lands of the coven I stand at their door in turmoil…

{The door seemed far from my reach. I am outside the home of people and beings that might rival even me. They would last longer in hell than most. Or would they. I am falling apart in my mind. The voice of the void tells me to enter but I know I cannot for I am of old blood that was if nothing else honorable. No I must be invited in, it is the only way I can enter the home of another. I am falling so far…. I lower my Mind Guard and invite all in the house to meet my mind before they meet me. It is the first time in long years that I have lowered my mind so others could view my mortal mind. I have so many minds it is hard to keep track. I close up my mind and let my guard settle into place. The over mind calls to me and I surface for the time being.}

I place my green fedora on top of my head so that my six inch long horns peek out above the rim. I walk up the last step and pull the fragments of my mind together so I can hopefully function well enough to hold an intelligent conversation. As I reach out a hand I see the blue elven skin of my half-elf form and take it as a good sign. It has been to long living alone and the void is in me but I need more than the voice of eternity to keep my mind together. I hardly ever hold my mortal form for it has a restricted mind and I need room to move in my own thoughts otherwise they can become a mess. My mind is larger than others but not large enough for me.

I have spoken to the void and it tells me that this is the place I belong and I pray it is right. Hell was never this hard for me, why is this so difficult? I am afraid I won’t fit in and that I may cause more trouble than I could solve. I could help these people or I could kill them…..NO my thoughts are mine not yours if nothing else we share but this is my body and it shall not harm these people without cause!

Yes you have a point.

I reach out a hand to knock and the door opens before my knuckle could even brush the surface…

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