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 Kangetsu the White Death

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Kangetsu Wolf

Number of posts : 35
Age : 44
Location : Lost
Job/hobbies : Protector

Threat Level:
10000/10000  (10000/10000)
Race: Lupus

PostSubject: Kangetsu the White Death   Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:46 pm

Breed: Lupus
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Black Furies
Pack Name: Spirit Dancer
Pack Totem: Fenris
Concept: Knight, Warrior, Protector
Name: White Wolf aka Kangetsu
Warrior for Gaia, Helios, and Luna (truth she is a warrior of Gaia but
Helios and Luna are her brother and sister so she feels she need to
battle for them too)



Strength= She is strong enough to take care of herself. She has fought demons, Cadaver and other evil creatures of the night. She is also one of the few Garous trained in the art of killing humans to keep them down, like pest control and that is what she thinks of humans.
Dexterity=She is very agile and flexible.
Stamina= She has been know to go days without sleep, water, food or meditation.

Charisma=People have a hard time not give in to her charm
Manipulation= Nine times out of ten she get want she has

Glabro=She is fare skinned beauty with raven hair and eyes of ice
Crinos= She is about eight foot tall and pure white, claws razor shaper and teeth ready for the kill
Hispo= She about four foot tall at the shoulder she still have her razor claws.
Lupus= She looked like an over sized wolf with ice blue eyes and pure white fur.

Perception= She has a wide view of the world but as of late her view have narrowed do to the misfortune
Intelligence= She is highly intelligent and can work out any problem give the time.
Wits= She lives by them so they are hounded to perfection


Alertness=Her alertness is high benign a warrior all her life she has trained herself to be alert at all time not many can snick up on her.
Athletics= her training included many hours of athletes and gymnastics.
Brawl=this is one of the many talents she has mastered, with out it she would have not lived that long.
Dodge=Benign that she has had to survive so many years she has gotten very good at dodging those she wish not to meet.
Empathy=She is empathic with most animals and other magical creatures. She can also feel the emotions of humans, but she never uses it.
Expression=White is very expressive about how she feels and she uses her voice, face and body tell the story.
Intimidation= She can and does intimidate those she around her. She has lived so long without any around that she has lost much of her manners.
Primal-Urge= She has lived in her wolf form for many years and now has a great primal-urges.
Streetwise=She is more nature wise than streetwise, that is because she avoids all humans that she can.
Subterfuge=She has honed that skill to perfection, that is why they let her be one of the wolves used to kill humans to keep them in check.


Animal Ken=her life as a wolf have made her animal ken is well honed. Survival=All her life she has learned to survive on her own and has done well.
Crafts=White has taken great pride in learning the crafts and with her age she knows more than most living.
Drive= She was the alpha for her pack and when after battling the alpha of Spirit Dancer she become their alpha
Etiquette= Being that she was born wolf she has some etiquette now after years of watching and learning, she knew she’d need them to past off as human.
Leadership= She was alpha for her pack for many years and when after battling the alpha of Spirit Dancer she become their alpha
Melee= She has been trained by the best of her pack and then by the clan,
finally she was trained by the Cherokee of the Black Wolf Creek clan. She became unbeatable and now she travels the country side helping Gaia
and her children.

Performance= Stealth=Do to her life as a wolf she had great stealth abilities.

Enigmas= She problem solving power are great and few thing can escape her
Investigation=She able to find the smallest of clues do to her wolf bring up
Law=She understands the law of nature but not of man
Linguistics=After all her training she can make herself be understood by most but prefers the Beast Tongue
Medicine=She has a great knowledge of natural medicines
Occult=She knows many spells from Pagan, Druid, Celtic and both White and Dark magic.
Politics=All of politics that she knows it that of nature
Rituals=She know all of the Wolf, Pagan, Druid, Celtic and Cherokee ways
Science=She knows little of this she avoids anything human

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Kangetsu Wolf

Number of posts : 35
Age : 44
Location : Lost
Job/hobbies : Protector

Threat Level:
10000/10000  (10000/10000)
Race: Lupus

PostSubject: History   Mon Jan 12, 2009 9:55 pm


Heightened Senses*
Rabbit's Leap*
Sense Prey
Scent of Sight*
Sense the Unnatural
Breath of the Wyld
Sense Wyrm
Song of the Seasons
Razor Claws
The Falling Touch*
Trick Shot*
Curse of Aeolus
Trail of Pain
Sense Silver
Spirit of the Frey*
True Fear

Garou are werewolves, part-human, part-wolf, and part-spirit. They are proud, strong, the chosen warriors of Gaia. Alone, a single Garou is a force to be reckoned with, a dangerous enemy, with equal skill in battle and in dealing with spirits. As a pack, with each member taking the roles assigned by Luna, Garou are both inspiring and frightening. Kangetsu was born into this world was a wolf, as with all other Garou born into a pack she was the fastest and strongest of the litter. Time past and
she grew up changeling those around her until she made it to alpha. She ran the pack for years, until the change happened. It was a cold November night as the full moon rose in the night sky the pain began. She felt her body begin to change, her bones began to break and from into bigger, stronger bones. Her body changed in a matter for minutes but the pain lingered. She stood on all four but they where not the same, her fore-paws where longer and the digits too had grown. She sat on her hind quarters they too did not feel right, she lifted her fore-paw and looked at it. She moved each fingers with ease as she made them flow, she planted her hind-paw on the grown and stood up, it was hard but in no time she ran effortlessly though the forest. There was a new predator in the forest and her pack strengthen in number along with the length of there lives. This was not to last, the Black Furies had heard of her and they wanted their clan to grow too. Kangetsu was hunting one night on the open plains of North America the great bison her pack main stay. She had her eye on one animal and began the hunt, the kill was done easily. She called the pack over and as they ate she heard it a rustle in the grass. Her ear pecked up and her stand became that of protection over her pack, she had killed pack before to keep hers safe this would be no different. Her eyes shown in the night sky and she gave a low guttural growl, then she heard it the same growl she never heard an other do the same. The clan walked out of the bush and presented themselves to her, Kangetsu noticed they were all females. "Greeting Sister Garou, my name is Nightstar and this is the clan Spirit Dancer." the large gray female stated. "They call me Kangetsu, I am the alpha of this pack and protector of this land." Kangetsu’s stand did not change she acted as though the other female was here to take her pack and she would not let this happen. Kangetsu did not understand it was time to grow and leave her kin behind and move on to her new life. Kangetsu lived with the clan for many years she learned the ways of the pack and their spiritually. Kangetsu has a great link with the spirit world and with Gaia. She even got to the point of becoming alpha of the clan. She was happy hunting and living with the clan until that day when she saw her first human. He was a tall handsome man with well tanned skin, he looked health and strong to Kangetsu and he order the others with him with such ease and power. She let herself turn into her human form and followed him back to his tribe after they had a great hunt. She had followed him with out ever benign detected. She watched him from the bushes as he interacted with his tribe. He had children around him and her heart sank. He had a mate and for some reason it hurt her greatly. As she walked away from the tribe land he saw her and chased after her. He caught up with her at the river’s bend and spoke to her. She could not understand him the language was new to her she stood there and shook her head as he changed dialects to see if he could find the one she could understand. He spent well over 30 minutes until he came to the Beast Tongue she perked up and responded to him. She was amazed that he spoke it with great ease. She found out he was the shaman of the tribe and for this reason he was loved by all and obeyed. She also found out that he had no mate and she had caught his eye. She knew that if she chooses him the clan would not aloud that and she would forfeit her stand of alpha. She told him to wait for her she would be back in two nights, she ran off after he promised to wait. She returned to the clan and told them what had happen, they were saddened but they followed the laws. She left the clan for the last time and headed back to the tribe. She met him as she told him in two night as the woman he saw. He took her into the tribe and after the right amount time was married. She live with him for a few years before she was with child, twins which was unheard of in any tribe but she knew just why she had connived twins it was her wolf past and the thought ran through her head would they be human or wolf. The nine months were long and hard on her but the birth was joyful and a relief they had been born human. Time passed and they grew and after three years the Kangetsu man showed up. There was a great battle and many where killed, mostly children and women. Her family was in trouble she did not think and let the beast side take her over. She had to reach her children just as she made it to them she was the Kangetsu man aim and point at them with a fire stick it went off and the two went down her mate came from behind them to avenge their death but the fire stick took him too. She was filled with rage and snapped. "The Rage" to her over she killed all before her be them what they may Kangetsu or Native. She then ran off promising herself that she could cleanse Gaia of this disease and from that day she had kept her word.

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Kangetsu the White Death
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