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PostSubject: Felinus Sapien   Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:43 pm

Name : Felinus Sapian V.2

Species : Feline

Height : 7’ 2”

Weight : 279 lbs.

Place of Birth : Galifrey ( Prydonian Order Temple )

Education : Academy of Higher Temporal Sciences of Galifrey

Agility : Athletic ( Hunter Class VII, generation 13th )

Intelligence : Superior

Stamina : Athletic ( Hunter Class VII, generation 13th )

Charisma : Energetic

Endurance : Athletic ( Hunter Class VII, generation 13th )

Strength : Athletic ( Hunter Class VII, generation 13th )

History : Felinus was born under sanctuary of Exile while his Parent’s sought safety of their benevolent Benefactors, The Time Lords of Galifrey. Felinus studied from the Most ancient of text and tome he attended the Academy of Higher Temporal Sciences under Prydonian Colors, He Graduated to the rank of Professor of Temporal Causality, Felinus as most other students and faculty at the Academy had traveled and piloted a T.A.R.D.I.S. but Felinus chose mostly to remain on Galifrey in the shadows of the Great Panoptican the home of The High Council of The Time lords and the office of The Lord President of the High Council.

The Last Great Time War had come upon Galifrey and the Time Lords, all of Galifreys’ children had returned home to defender her and her peoples from their Greatest Enemies The Dalek Empire , Felinus not being bloodline lineage to Galifrey He still stood fast next to all of Galifrey, Their Leader Lady Romana Lord President pleaded with her Former mentor The Doctor who was now in his 8th incarnation, The Daleks had set Galifrey ablaze Felinus was saved from his Attack T.A.R.D.I.S. when it collided with a Dalek War Cruiser by The legendary Doctor as if sensing the End of the Time War coming The Doctor handed Felinus The legendary Time Ring of Rassilon and told him Galifrey was going to fall at best The Time Lords were not going to walk away from this War as Winners. Placing his Sonic Screwdriver upon the Time Ring The Doctor Looked into Felinus’ Eye and said I am sorry but the Universe still needs protectors if the Time Lords Die here and Now, with that the Doctor activated his Sonic Screwdriver and Felinus Sapian V.2 Vanished From The Doctors’ T.A.R.D.I.S.

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Felinus Sapien
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