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 Always(by Komm)

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PostSubject: Always(by Komm)   Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:26 pm


I can feel you against my skin,
I know you're there.
I am the outside in.
You're the looking glass through,
The poison seeping into...
Into my veins,
Numb with the pain.
Misfortune I see,
Like you,
Sick and guilty.
And this is the sadness,
The SADNESS, my love,
You've given to me.
I can feel you always.

I will learn too late
It's too late to change
It's too late...
Still these strange frustrations stain,
Burns my skin
When nobody needs me.

Fearing the weakness,
I've failed to exceed.
Next to the nothing,
There is only the real,
Quick with the sickness,
I'm forced to feel.
Your reason is treason (like poison).
I'll never heal.

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Always(by Komm)
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