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 Anthem(by mal)

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PostSubject: Anthem(by mal)   Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:29 pm

Anthemby: Assemblage 23We are born of stone And etched by wind Cast aside to live or die We are the pawns in our own game Like refugees Of silent wars We step on ever-shifting ground Promoting what we undermine For countless days We walked alone Directionless and vulnerable Sitting targets wearing smiles CHORUS No one of us will go unscathed By private battles we have braved A vicious circle we have built Constructed from our shame and guilt The flags we wave Are set afire To warm the bones of infant dreams Even as our present is set ablaze The tinderbox We sit upon Decays in churning mists of fog And crumbles down into the sea (Chorus) We lie embraced In the arms of dawn The fading echoes of pointless time Statuettes of Ignorance And even as The clock hand sweeps We pay no mind to where we are Surely we're not allowed to die (Chorus)

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Anthem(by mal)
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