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 Angel's Bio

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Angel Artaq
Angel Artaq

Number of posts : 77
Age : 36
Location : the Coven
Job/hobbies : Management

Threat Level:
999999/999999  (999999/999999)
Race: Vampyre/Demon

PostSubject: Angel's Bio   Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:49 pm

Name: Angel Night - Artaq
The Mother of All Vampyres
Residence: Wampyrs Coven Castle
Age: 10,000 years
Race: Vampyre/Witch
Breed: Natural Born Shapeshifter
Height: Demon Form 27 ft., Human/Vampyre Form 5 ft., Cat Form 7 ft.,Goddess Form Unknown. Angel has yet to use these powers
Weight: Demon Form 3/4 of a ton, Human/Vampyre Form 110lbs., Cat Form 250 lbs., Goddess Form Unknown
Eyes: Demon Form White, Human/Vampyre Form Brown, Cat Form Electric Blue, Goddess Form Unknown
Skin: White as snow, tough as leather and soft as silk
Weapons of Choice: Swords: KillJoy, Manifestation, Orion, and Death
Family: Tomoth-Amon the Lord of Evil(adopted brother), Amara Lorelei(deceased daughter),Aries Kayriel(son), Mekia Casselie(daughter)
Strength: Unknown
Dexterity: graceful with slow lithe movements, unless you get the privilege of seeing her in battle
Constitiution: Slight, but with unimaginable power
Intelligence: Old enough to know better, but young enough not to dwell on the consequences
Wisdom: There is very little that she doesn't know
Abilities:Invisibility(spell) Fireballs(spell) Cloning(spell) Transformation(ability)
Fire Gift(ability) Teleportation(ability)

Bodyguard: Brimstone the Shoyru Dragon

Born to vampyre parents, Angel has an older sister named Plague. Angel lived happily until she became of age and left home, as had Plague, to wander the worlds. 300 years past without Angel's return when word reached her that her parents had been assassinated by a vampyre hunter. Fearing the rumours to be true she raced back home to the Vykos. Finding that her parents were indeed dead, and her sister nowhere to be found, Angel left again resuming her wanderings with a much heavier heart and a rage that could be compared to only the Gates of Hell. Needing a weapon worthy enough to ensure victory in any battle she sought out Razzeh the legendary sword maker. She challenged him and won the duel, thus inheriting his sword KillJoy.
For 7,000 years she has searched the known worlds looking for her sister Plague. Giving up all hope she stopped one night and stayed for nearly 600 years before moving on to the Stomping Grounds, her new home, where she was mated to Lestat and their daughter Amara Lorelie was born.
Angel left home again and resumed her search for her sister. Only to return 800 years later to find her home destroyed, her daughter dead, her Lestat married to another and possessed by a demon know as Tanuk. In a desperate attempt to save his life and the lives of every being in the worlds Angel races off to confront Lestat/Tanuk at the Demon Tower, otherwise known as the Stomping Grounds.....
While confronting Tanuk, Plague found Angel, and not wanting him to claim Angel's life as his own she attacked Tanuk and lost. Tanuk took Plagues head, releasing Plague's power over death and her God powers to Angel. Now the Goddess of Suffering, Angel is also the Mother of All Vampyres. With the powers of Mother Nature, Death, Suffering, and all vampyre knowledge, Angel is surpassed by none, save Lestat, the Father of All Vampyres.
Now Angel lives peacefully at the Coven with Lestat as they await the birth of their son.

Make a sound, and I'll hear you. Move, and I'll see you. And if you thought you were afraid of being lost, wait until I find you.
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Angel's Bio
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