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 I Wake

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PostSubject: I Wake   Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:53 am

I Wake -

I drown within a sea of tears,
I'd cried the night before.
I feel them trivkle down my cheek,
I know there's plenty more.
I close my eyes and let them fall.

I drift away and dream,
But still I'm haunted.
I wake,
I cry,
I scream.

I'm taken far away,
An ocean of tears flow beneath me.
I feel the loss,
The longing,
The need.
I'd take it all away, if only I could.
My heart fills with burning rage.
My tears burn my cheeks.
"I wanna go home!", I scream in agony,
I hate being in this place.

I'm home again, back in my bed.
I'm laid back down to dream.
And still, you haunt me, "Don't let go!"
I wake,
I cry,
I scream.
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I Wake
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