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 My Pledge

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PostSubject: My Pledge   Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:57 am

A Pledge To My Family.

I've worked hard to get this far in life
And harder still to keep what I've got.
You guys are the biggest part of that
Whether you understand it or not.
Every smile I see from you
Id a jewel in my heart
Every hug and kiss you give me
Keeps me strong when we're forced apart.

I love you all so very much
And I know things are tough
But I hope you'll keep me going
And that my heart will be enough.
I can't give you all the things you want,
The toys, the gadgets, the game,
But I hope you know I'll keep trying
To bring you those happier days.

For the one that's second on my list
And for all he does for me.
My love, my soul, my partner in crime.
This is something important you'll see.
I'll keep on dreaming that one day soon
Our troubles will drift away
And we can be happy and together again
And one day we'll look back at this and say

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My Pledge
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