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 How to make a charater profile

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PostSubject: How to make a charater profile   Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:23 pm

1. First instruction on making a profile. You need to choose a picture to represent your character. If you cannot find one on your own the post a description of what you are looking for and I am sure someone can find one for you. Please do not use a picture already being used by another character, unless you plan on being that characters identical twin.

2. Next, choose a name one that you want for your character. Using ( ) you can place what your character prefers to be called, if the name is a bit long.

3. Your description of you character i.e. height, weight, age, etc.

4. Your attributes. How strong is your character? How easy do they get sick? How athletic are you? This is known as: strength, dexterity, constitution, wisdom, intelligence, and charisma. If you don't know what this means use a dictionary.

5.Your alignment if you have one. Are you good, evil etc.?

6. A brief history of your character. i.e. How did you get started? Where were you born? How was your childhood? Etc.

After all this is completed, you are done and have a profile. Once you join the Coven you have one week to provide this profile, unless you have personally discussed it with one or more of the managers. If you can't take the time to make the profile then you are not really interested in being here.

Ok you have made the profile. Now time to post your entrance into the Coven. Now to make this easier just post an answer to these question and be creative.

1. How did you get the Coven? Why did you come?

2. What do you think when you first see the Covens inhabitants?

3. How do you approach?

Now you have posted you first s/l. Welcome to the Coven.


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Hearing their screams.... and knowing that I have the power of a god."

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How to make a charater profile
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