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 Malicious's Bio

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PostSubject: Malicious's Bio   Mon Jan 26, 2009 9:07 pm

"What a wonderful thing humanity is... passionate, intelligent, inquisitive, generous, full of hope and joy.... noble of spirit and above all.... Delicious"

"There is something deeply attractive about humanity ... something which draws me to them, despite my better judgment...and yet, I can not remember what it is. *Long pause*.... ahh yes...Blood."

Name: ¤Ma£içiøü§¤
An Elder Of ~The Wampyr's Coven~
Age: 27 (Mortal years) somewhere around 3280 in actual years.
Race: Vampire/Goddess
Height: 5' 7" (vampire) about 7’5” (goddess), about a foot of that being the large horns on her head.
Weight: 130 lbs. (vampire) about 250 lbs. (goddess)
Eyes: Ice Blue (vampire), White or pale blue (goddess)
Hair: Long and Dark Blue (vampire), no hair in goddess form (just covered by two huge and heavy horns and a hood)
Skin: extremely pale (both forms) but in goddess form I have distinct make-up designs that change from time to time, usually black in color

Weapons of choice: My most powerful weapons are The Grimoire, a book of black magic that I acquired from my now permanently deceased husband (Delarken) and my newfound Goddess powers. I have the capability to throw super power nitrogen ice balls (they have the same capacity and potential for damage as a nuclear bomb). My choice of more conventional weapons includes the two twin daggers tucked in each boot (aka. Razor and Blade), Goddess Blade (IceBreaker) and a staff she sometimes uses for formal gatherings, though it can be used as a formidable weapon when in Goddess form. It is used to control Blizzard winds and all types of magic concerning snow and ice, though I really do not need it to do so.

Strength: Enough to take care of myself.

Dexterity: Enough to capture my prey and not get caught.

Intelligence: Enough to know what I want.

Constitution: Good enough to use it to get what I want.

Wisdom: Enough to know how to learn from my mistakes, which were and are few.

Charm & Charisma: Very outspoken and playful at times, but also can be extremely serious to serious matters.

My history: I do not remember much about my mortal life other than my birth name Nakhti and that I had a brother, Khu. I was born into darkness around the Beginning of what humans now call the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, somewhere around 1275 BC. *Laughs softly* I hardly think of myself as ancient. At the time of my immortal birth my age was 27, quite old for those times. I was also a prized possession due to my unnaturally blue eyes and I was sent to be one of the Pharaoh’s wives.

An Egyptian goddess, well she was no real goddess save only to my eyes, helped to turn me into the creature I am now. She was the most beautiful being I had ever known and my one true Beloved, my Isis. Isis was also in the Pharaoh’s harem and we found comfort in each other since we were not aloud to be with no other man. There shall be no other like her. In our mortal lives, we use to spend countless nights talking and dinning, we were nothing more than mere friends at that time, keeping each other in good company. She intrigued me so. It was so boring being amongst the Pharaoh’s favorites that we would begin to construct games with the servants. We would stay up to early hours in the morning toying with them. We would hide and scare the old servants that were too superstitious in their beliefs about the undead. They believed in souls that would not continue their journey to the Afterlife and would linger behind drinking the living life force. As mortals, all my beloved and I could do was feed their fear and our own amusement. Then one particular dark night we were chasing an old woman though the streets. I watched as with pure enchantment as Isis ran ahead of me. I watch the way her silken dress clung to her form and was in total ah. Then she was suddenly snatched into an alley and I panicked and ran back to the palace. I thought she was killed and I did not see her for weeks after that. Then one night in my sleep she came to me and told me what happened. She had been transformed into one of the Undead. She helped to bestow upon me the immortal kiss and we lived quiet happily for quiet some time.

We lived with our maker, Marcus, and his wife. They adopted both of us as their daughters and we lived happily for several centuries, until another Vampire had slaughtered her and my family. A creature so vile I cannot even bare to speak his name. I wandered around for many centuries Companionless and very lonely. Some time around 573 BC, I found a man, Delarken, who I thought loved me very much.

I gave him the dark gift and we had a child together, a daughter called Miraz Jade. This man betrayed me. He had lied to me about his origins and I soon discovered that he was indeed an evil warlock. He had tricked me into sharing with him the secrets of the Vampire ways and he used me to produce a powerful child, a child that not only had the strength of a Vampire but also the Magic of a witch. One destined for great power. Once I found out his intentions with my child, I gave her up instantly to protect her life. The only thing I could do was to steal my husband’s Grimoire and use the little knowledge I had of spell casting to send my daughter away. I sent her to The Center of the Earth, where I knew that a Vampire by the name of Xario frequented. It would be many centuries later before I knew what would happen to my little precious one. After believing I had killed my husband for betraying me I sat out alone again until I came upon a place of others like my kind and there have meet some wonderful friends.

(Malicious before her transformation during days she resided at the Demon Tower)

I meet a love that was eternal but just not meant to be, he name was Tomoth-Amon. I met his brother Lestat, who would become my own immortal brother and protector, The Lovely Kylara, and my adoptive Daughter Drkie and others that I still hold dear to my heart. Things did not go so well in my first home. Anger, deceit, lies and chaos soon took over and our family slowly crumbled. After the great battle, I went through a great physical change in my life. Out of some mystical force, I grew wings and my hair turned blue and long, somewhere around 1350AD.

(This is Malicious the way she looked after her transformation)

My Dear friend Lestat then invited me to his frist home. ~The Wampyr's Coven~ There we vowed to protect each other and never let anything else come between us. See, for we were too much alike and thought it better to be on the same side, rather than opposite ends. Soon after, I was accepted as an Elder to the Coven I started to practice spell casting again. I learned from Lestat how to control my telepathy and telekinesis. I also learned how to cast a spell to teleport others and myself. As I was doing this, I decided to call for my daughter that is even if she was still alive. Then on a dark and stormy night, she walked into the Coven aided by my brother. Those words I will never forget. “My sister, I have a gift for you. I present to you, your daughter, Xariona, or as some call her Red.” Emotions flood over me on that night and Miraz learned of her true past. When my brother wed Phoenix in 1396 AD and she bore a son, my anger and hate for her turned against me and I attacked my brother and feed from him, taking in some of his abilities, such as the ability to walk in daylight. I was also cursed with a terrible blood rage that only my brother could control. I suffered greatly during this time from severe hot flashes to the point of my skin bursting into flames. I was soon accepted into Phoenix’s family and all was right between us. There I met my savior GodBlackDeath and let him into my heart. He loved me intensely and could no longer witness me suffering so much. In a very successful attempt to cure my 'outburst’, he bestowed upon me the Goddess of Snow. It worked. That same year in 1399 AD, we were wed in the year and I soon bore two beautiful twins, Wynter Snow and Dravin Onyx.

(Malicious in Goddess form with IceBreaker her Goddess Blade)

GodBlackDeath and I loved each other very much and our children, but his duties called him away frequently and I soon fell into a forbidden love with a Gargoyle. Even though he shared the same feelings for me, it was impossible for us to be together. Our physical limitations were still not enough to stop the attraction between us. Lord Komm Kayriel was his name and one of the noblest creatures I have ever known. Because I suffered in a deep depression from the emptiness I had in my heart because BD could not be with me and the conflictions of love that I shared with Lord Kayriel, I caused one of the worst winters the lands of the coven had ever seen. It was a desolated time. Aries, Lestat and Phoenix’s son, had killed his mother and out of the safety for the remaining children, they, including my precious babies, were all sent to live in the gargoyle city of Drachenfel’s. They would return a bit older one year later. During this time Lord Kayriel also suffered a great lost of his own beloved StoneRayne. StoneRayne and I were never close, due to jealousy of the affection Lord Kayriel and I shared. After the supposed death of StoneRayne (It would be a while later before it was known that she had been resurrected) Lord Kayriel and I were allowed to express our feelings for each other. One night, on a walk together we were stranded in a cave by a rainstorm. BD discovered us together sharing the warmth of a fire and renounced the vows that he and I had once taken. BD left peacefully and another miraculous event happened. Because of Lord Kayriel love for me he was granted the gift of a human form. With our physical forms no longer being an obstacle, we consummated our love that night in the cave. We lived happily for a brief time before his vampire side corrupted his gargoyle nature. One day with no warning her left the Coven with no trace. My brother soon entered his death sleep and I waited 50 years for Komm to return home. Not bearing to wait any further, I set out on my own to see if I could find him. I had been gone for a few years having some interesting clues on the way. I heard that there was a price on my head as well as my beloved’s. This bounty was put out by non other than my ex husband Delarken. He had returned once again to claim me as his. His sent my own flesh and blood brother, Khu, whom he had sired some many millennia before, to take me as I was making my way back to the home I loved. I stayed a prisoner in his castle for the next 550 years. I was tortured, beaten, raped into a mindless state. I was even forced to breed with Delarken in order to produce him another child, since Miraz was not to be found. I produced a baby I never knew, she was never given a proper name, but only mocked by Delarken’s henchmen and called ‘Snow White.’ The only time I ever saw her was the night she was killed in sacrifice to Delarken’s goddess. She had long black hair, fair white skin and ruby red lips. In the year 2005, my brother awoke from his death sleep and sought out to bring me home. On his way to rescue me he came across Lord Kayriel whose mind has been poisoned from starvation and his soul fused with another demon. In the confrontation with Delarken, his own soul was fused with mine. I am now in possession of the Grimore and Lord Kayriel has left the coven to live with his new wife, Lady Death, whom he met in the 550 years of my capture. Upon my brother’s wakening, he initiated the third blood war. I still resided at the coven along with my children through the war until I was sent away against my will.

Special powers & attributes: Telekinesis, Telepathy, teleportation, minor spell casting mostly vampiric spells, my two angel like wings on my back, Ability to control snow and ice as well as blizzard winds. She can shoot deadly ice balls.

(Malicious in her new goddess form after Delarkens soul was fused with hers)

"There is something deeply attractive about humanity ... something which draws me to them, despite my better judgment...and yet, I can not remember what it is. *Long pause*.... ahh yes...Blood."

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Malicious's Bio
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