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Number of posts : 6644
Age : 40
Location : Laying at Lestat's feet
Job/hobbies : Roleplay

Threat Level:
999999/999999  (999999/999999)
Race: WereWolf/Vampire

PostSubject: Caja's Profile   Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:37 pm

Caja Luna Kayriel

Human Form:
Eyes: Ice blue
Skin: White, white feathered wings
Hair: Long (to her calf) White with silver.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165lb
when she smile her k-9 teeth are fangs.

Wolf form:
She stood just shy of the size of an elephant. Her eyes Ice blue.

From birth Caja knew the horror of tragedy Only a few days old she bore witness to her mother and siblings murder. On that same night a Vampire by the name of Kiamere using old vampire magic cursed her to be immortal until a vampire gave her the kiss of death.
She was found by her pack and taken home the horrible night became nothing but a distant nightmare. Her happiness would not last. When on a hunting trip not more the a 8 months old Caja fell victim to a trappers pit. When she did not die her pack deemed her an abomination and in a there rage Branded her and set her to death by the great hunt. Caja escaped but the scar on her back would be a consent reminder of what she lost.
She wondered alone and constantly on the run from those that hunter she came to age and in a night of pain shifted for the first time into human. It was then she met the man that would soon be her mate. The prince of a vast kingdom known as The Kingdom of the Heart. Johnathan and Caja were wed and everything seemed to brighten. Again the happiness was shattered when the Hunt caught up to Caja. Though that gate battle few survived. Caja's mate fell to her fathers sword. Saddened and alone once more. Caja fled her Kingdom to open a small tavern in the mountain that over looked her once safe home.
It was then that a stranger came to her tavern by the name of Lestat, Thou she did not know it at the time he would change her life forever. Brother and Sister that by chance were united at last. Lestat came to visit many times. One night Lestat had learned of Caja's ill fated past and her Royal line and convinced her to return to her Kingdom. With Lestat at her side she rebuilt her kingdom and restored her throne. Lestat fought beside her too chase the hunters back from which they came ad she was safe.
Kiamere returned to try and full fill the promise to kill Caja, but Lestat though great skill again saved Caja's life. The story of Caja true life began to be reviled. Though Kiamere and old vampires and sages Caja learned piece by piece of her blood.
The last Kolbolt bent of bringing the vampire and werewolf back to war with each other devised countless plains to place mistrust in the wolves. Having caja captured to bring revenge on Lestat for thwarting his plains unknowingly gave the key to unlock Caja's true blood.
Daughter of Luna and Kain Caja awoke. The vessel of Kain's heart and sole of Luna Caja is now mother of all were's and Goddess of the moon.

She woke in a new plain away from those she loved and cared about. Soon her family from the coven were only shadows to her memory. She made new friends and family. He life was happy though she always felt something was missing. When she finally remembered where she had come from she looked at those she loved from the new world sad as she wanted to go home.

On a full moon night in order to end the suffering and pain she called a pone a deep moon flame. As her final and only gift she could give. Her flames cleared the memories of pain and love. Her gift to end their pain now they remain close. If somehow they remember it would surly send Caja so far into darkness that not even her light would shine though it.

Death came and Caja's Phoenix brought her back. She walks the world in a shattered memory. Brought by a shadow of a memory. Her brother missing her mind slips from the light into a darkness of shattered memory. Her heart is black bound in the darkness until somehow she finds some bit of what was taken from her. She is only a shell of her former loving self.

For Caja it has been twenty five years since she had left the coven. Her power grew and many trials had. Though the coven would have only missed her for three years. She has net many friends and lost many. Now bound to guard a prophecy that repeats itself every five hundred years.

Equipment and powers:

Light blue travailing cloak(acts as a storage for all kinds of things), Black Shire Stallion, Purple silk gown, A collar a gift from Johnathan(Bound and re-sizes itself when she shifts forms.) Purple collar above the other that had a gray and blue diamond arrow on it like tags.

Janxu, the Sword of the White Wolf

Moon flame- Act as a defending entity the extent of there ability is largely unknown. It can heal and attack be hot or cold. Powered by Caja's second heart. Its is a holy energy. increases her defense. increase her strength.

Claws- bounded metal claws that cover her front paws nothing known can damage them.

Awakened Essence: Luna
She would bend the essence to improve he martial ability he athletic skill, her toughed her. She would heal at ten times her current rate
This Charm stops poison and sickness from doing further damage once She has been infected. also prevents her from suffering new Poison or Sickness effects during its duration. Effects that would poison or sicken her have no effect whatsoever. She can leap with the grace of a flying crane and the speed of a striking hawk. as graceful as sunlight on water.
This Charm allows Her to run on any surface. She cannot stop while standing on a vertical surface or while upside down, however, if she does, she falls. Sight. She can make out the detail on a commander’s epaulet at 500 yards distance, at night. Hearing and Touch. She can gauge the quality
of fabric with a touch. She can hear conversations normally through thick stone walls. With a legendary success, she can read by touch.
This Charm creates a suit of Silver body armor it can be sleek, imposing, ornate or simple. Regardless of aesthetic, it is always unmistakably medium or heavy armor she can change it at will, and it always glows with a White light resembling an anima display. This light is bright enough to read by in a three-yard radius

Power of the Phoenix- If wounded Fatally soon as her heart stops her flames will burn her body to ashes. Where the ashes land she will be reborn.

Third form: Flame wolf This form has no mass just a wolf of white flame. The only sold in this form are the glow white orbs of her eyes and the sphere which contains two hearts that beat in sync most the time. This form is pure wild and unpredictable. The powers of this form are not all known. In this form it is nearly impossible to injure her. The flames are immune to water ot ice as they burn with heats hotter them the flames of the deepest hell. Only the two people that wield the Moon flame weapons can get near this form without being burnt to a crisp.

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